Port Alice Loop

Camping is permitted in a number of the Forestry Rec Sites in the area including:

day use area

Day Use sites in the area:

Located just north of Port McNeil, our Port Alice operating area includes camping and day use sites. These recreation areas are strategically located to highlight the amazing natural geography of northern Vancouver Island. Some of the features located within this loop include lakes, interpretive trails, the largest cenotaph in Canada, and karst features. The presence of limestone in the region has created the geological wonderland that is appreciated by both the casual observer and more adventurous spelunkers.

An interpretive trail just across from Beaver Lake explains many of the key components of the Pacific west coast rain forest.

Note: access to most of the rec sites in the area requires navigating active forest service roads where logging truck activity demands very attentive driving during the weekdays. While there is less industrial activity on the weekends, please always drive with caution and always have your headlights on.