Sayward Forest District Free Sites

Wilderness Recreation Services manages 24 free sites within the Sayward Forest District. These sites are suited to both day use and camping. All of these free areas are situated along various lakes and offer excellent fishing, swimming, and paddling opportunities. These sites are divided into south and north operating areas.

South Area Free Sites: These sites are all located between Loveland Bay FSR, along Campbell Lake FSR and Menzies FSR.

North Area Free Sites: This area is fairly large, beginning just south of Roberts Lake, all along Rock Bay FSR, Pye Lake East and West FSR, Stella Lake FSR, and the end of Elk Bay FSR.

Please Note:

  • It is best to check the status of these sites before heading out. There may be closures due to road access or wildlife concerns. These sites are maintained once a week during peak season but are considered to be user maintained so please pack out everything that you pack in and leave the site in better shape than you found it.
  • These sites all have a 14-day consecutive stay limit and are monitored for compliance.
  • There is significant forestry activity in this area so always use extreme caution, drive with headlights on at all times, and consider using a radio to monitor road activity.